Lamborghini LP670 SV

The most crazy, wicked and fast Lamborghini of all time – LP670-4 SV.

Spetsversii machines are different, and the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce can be clearly more to offer the world than, for example, Nissan Micra Wave or Kia Picanto Zapp. In addition to its long name, he heroically notable for the fact that once again proves – in the country all Lambo also reigns prosperity, no matter what difficulties the rest of the world.

So, while the new flagship of the next year, which may be called Jota, is in the hands of engineers, putting the finishing touches (probably something related to CO2 emissions and polar bears), SV was the first car that marked the rebirth of Lamborghini in the 21st century typically destructive style. It is not surprising that it is easier, faster and more powerful than the LP 640, but this is clearly not a car, which can be said, "Yes, she did. Only some kind of slow. " Of course, if you do not have a severe mental illness.

Performance 6.5-liter V12 lifted from 631 to 661 horsepower, and cut down on the weight of 100 kg compared to the Murcielago, which weighs 1,700 kg. As a result, SV reaches the 100 km / h in a little frightening 3.2 seconds and a top speed increased from 333 to 343 kilometers per hour. The chassis was stiffer and shift knob E-Gear – noticeably sharper. Those who are afraid, can calm down a little by the fact that the contentions of all-wheel drive 35/65 from the normal models remained intact – rear wheel drive SV would be interesting fun, but it is contrary to the philosophy of Quattro, which professes company Audi, and in fact pay for it all them. Lambo president Stephan Winkelmann says directly on the crazy mission SV: «This is the most extreme and uncompromising car of all. Buyers are waiting for these feelings that compare to this one can not do anything. "

Just like last year's Reventon and Gallardo LP 560, it is – another Lambo. The chuck has been revamped – now it even more steps forward and reminds of military equipment. Personal Gallardo Winkelman is painted matte black, and wild-looking chin spoiler SV, as the rapids, and the huge air intake from left channel (directing air to the oil cooler), made in the same color. By the way, is called the black color only as Lamborghini Nero Nemesis.

The back of the Murcielago, which was so aggressive and made even more badass – engine cover is now made up of three layers of transparent polycarbonate in the carbon-fiber frame. They were left open to satisfy the thermodynamic requirements of heavy duty V12. A massive two-level diffuser is also made of carbon fiber, and the fashion for many exhaust pipes, it was decided to leave aside – the SV tube one, but what size. Between taillights are carboxylic panel and aluminum lattice width of the machine considerably increases, PTFE has a layer for protection from heat.

A choice of two different rear spoiler – a relatively small (for Lambo), and the second, which is a giant carbon fiber picnic table and calls Aeropack Wing. Lambo says that it provides incredible downforce and stability, but at the same time reduces the maximum speed to 336 km / h Changed lights now are different brand Y-shaped elements.

If you have ever seen a naked tubular steel chassis Murcielago, you know that Gordon Murray's sleep at the sight will not lose. At SV at least there is a new section of high-profile steel, which simultaneously increased torsional rigidity by 12% and reduced the total weight of the SV 20 kg. The outer door trim and roof is also made of steel, while the other body panels – is carbon fiber, as well as the floor and transmission tunnel.

Ruthless modified intake system 12-cylinder engine and its valve mechanism partially explains where did the extra 30 horsepower. There's also a new "exhaust", which has helped to deprive SV another 27 kg and engineers Lambo their inherent delicacy in this kind of claim that the new system sounds more impressive than ever, with 8000 rev / min.

The driver still has to take in a little different (read ape) position, although the nature of the complaint chiropractic evaporate when you see a sensational-looking carbon fiber bucket seats and that the entire cabin is recessed in Alcantara, which appears to be lighter than conventional leather. Oh yes, there is no stereo. In this age of iPods, we've learned that music should be as accessible as oxygen, 12-cylinder Lamborghini was probably the only car in the world, for whom this is not the main problem.

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