CLS wagon: green light

Shooting Brake version of this streamlined 4-door coupe will be in showrooms in 2012.

Mercedes has confirmed that it will launch the concept of CLS Shooting Brake, was first seen by us in Beijing, in serial production.

It is a squat or five-door-coupe-sedan will appear in showrooms in 2012, and will immediately receive the title of "Sexiest wagon in the world."

Take a look at it. However, these shapes can be a disadvantage, do not you think? The slanted back roof line means that it will not be the Ikea-lyubivym like a regular sedan E-Class (whose platform he was), and you may have to reduce his Labrador Yorkshire Terrier with the help of some dogs daunsayzera, but it will be worth it.

Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche badly in German said: "The decision to release the CLS Shooting Brake underlines the leading position of Mercedes-Benz for innovative concepts and designs of cars – and that's what we expect from our customers."

Full arsenal mersedosovskoy gasoline and diesel firepower will equip themselves this attractive nose. And that's before him to his greasy, dirty, laid out steel gauntlets gets AMG. Just imagine the AMG CLS Estate – 19-inch "cast", an exquisite body kit, shotgun exhaust pipes … and a 5.5-liter turbocharged V8. It is the only car that all you may need in this life.

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